Credit Card Machines
for any business size

Join thousands of local business owners and get your iKhokha credit card machine, the mobile payment solution everyone is raving about!

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iKhokha Mover Pro

R 999.00R 2,399.00
Own your Card Machine. Accept Debit & Credit Cards + Sell Prepaid with iK Vend. Connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth.

iKhokha Shaker Duo

R 2,499.00R 3,499.00
Credit Card Machine with Built-in Printer and Bluetooth connection to your Smartphone + Sell Prepaid Services with iK Vend.

iKhokha Shaker Solo

R 2,999.00R 3,999.00
Best-in-Class. Robust, with Wifi, 3G SIM connection & built-in receipt printer. Accept payments on-the-go, no phone required!