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8 Coin Cash Drawer including Bluetooth Adapter

R 1,199.00

8" Android tablet

R 2,999.00

8" Tablet Stand Portrait

R 899.00

Bluetooth Printer Till Roll (box of 10)

R 100.00

Card Machine Till Roll (box of 10)

R 100.00

Handheld Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

R 1,999.00

iKhokha Mover Pro

R 199.00R 2,399.00

iKhokha Mover Stand

R 599.00

iKhokha Register - Mover

R 5,999.00R 7,449.00

iKhokha Register - Shaker

R 5,999.00R 7,999.00

iKhokha Shaker Solo (SIM Included)

R 999.00R 3,999.00

Network till slip printer

R 1,999.00

Shaker Charger

R 150.00